Meteor: How to Authenticate routes in flow router

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Meteor: How to Authenticate routes in flow router


I have been writing meteor JS for over 6 months now and built my apps using IronCli which included a router package called `Iron Router`.

I’d even go so far as to say the architecture is flawed, and the average of 270 open Git issues serve as proof that I’m not wrong.

IR has serious issue with reactivity in terms of routes re-running unpredictably, hooks not doing what they say they’re doing (like onBefore doesn’t really run before the route runs, resulting in screen flickering before the hook kicks in) and unreliable subscription management. @satyavh

So recently I moved to flow router which I think is rather more solid and updated, but as someone like that has been very much more familiar with Iron Router's architecture things are kind of different and much more simpler.

You can read more about my top reasons why to switch from Iron router to FLow router today.

Down to business

I’ll be implementing the following scenario in this guide:

  1. Using flow router group
  2. Creating public & private routes